The Hidden Gem of the Peak

Wirksworth has been described as the Hidden Gem of the Peak, but these days it’s maybe not so hidden.

So what is it about Wirksworth that’s so special? What makes it a gem?

Is it the thriving, traditional high street, or the great choice of pubs, cafes and restaurants? Is it the staggering array of architectural treasures, or the near 100 practicing artists and creatives who call Wirksworth their home?

Of course it's a mix of all these things and more that make Wirksworth the characterful, bustling Derbyshire market town a great place to visit, and an even better to stay.

Every House Tells a Story

As you wander the streets and hidden alleyways of Wirksworth, you'll find a staggering range of architectural styles than not only span the centuries but also all levels of society.

You'll find Georgian grandeur with exquisite town houses, with opulent frontages and porticos; and on the same street, the now charming quarrymen's cottages (known as the puzzle gardens), where the local workers made their homes from the debris of the mining industry they worked in.

If you visited the town back in the 1980s however, you'd have found a very different story. Make sure you visit the Heritage Centre to discover how the town was reborn from its crumbling, desperate state of neglect, to the thriving gem of a town you see today.



Steam train on Ecclesbourne Valley Railway

A Real Sense of Community

Ask any local why they like living here and chances are a sense of community will be top of their list.

Whether its the fact the town is just the right size- big enough to provide all the things you need, but small enough to always meet someone you know; or whether its rich tradition of being staunchly independent (we even printed our own pound notes back in the day). The feeling of community and togetherness is very much alive and well. You'll feel it when you hit the high street shops, or drop into one of the towns pubs, cafes or restaurants. You'll feel it as you visit one of the towns leisure or tourist facilities. You'll even feel it as you walk along the street.

And once you start to feel it, you'll find it hard to leave.


Steam train on Ecclesbourne Valley Railway

Eat & Drink

Catch-up for a coffee, go for a spot of lunch, grab yourself an evening takeaway, treat yourself to a three course dinner or simply enjoy a pint or two with friends- you're spoilt for choice in Wirksworth.

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Hit the High Street

We're pretty proud of our high street- it's full of independent stores and retailers, vibrant cafes, pubs and bars and has a fantastic range to offer - from high-end interior design such as Blackpop, to the local legendary mini-market, Top Ken's.

Wirksworth Stardisc


Wirksworth is a great base for exploring the southern Peak District and Derwent Valley. There is a boutique hotel in the town centre, historic B&Bs as well as a range of holiday cottages.